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Create the Life You Want to Live

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Discussing how daily habits are the fibers from which life is built.

The key to getting to where we want to be is in our daily habits.

How we talk to ourselves. How we treat our bodies. The energy we give. The energy we allow in. Setting enormous goals can often discourage us from even beginning. If we are able to take small steps in the right direction on a daily basis, we manifest an accessible path worth walking. Little things add up and create our lifestyle. We’re not perfect all the time, but tuning in and becoming aware are the ways we keep growing.

If you’re new to yoga, and hope to cultivate a daily practice, instead of committing to an hour each day, maybe you commit to physical practice twice a week to begin. Maybe you commit to taking 3 conscious breaths each morning. When we make our goals attainable, we are more likely to reach them. If we rush, or don’t allow ourselves the grace to take small steps, the path becomes strenuous.

In moving closer to our intentions, we align closer with the knowledge of what is expanding us and what is contracting us. What makes us feel connection and what makes us feel numb. There are many features of our lives that hold opportunities for expansion or contraction. It’s a good idea to take a look around and notice who we surround ourselves with. Notice if the energy we are allowing in is serving us or not. Sometimes this practice means we have to learn to let go of relationships that no longer serve us. Changing ourselves to fit the mold of someone else’s expectations is not in service to our highest selves. I often hear statements like, “If I say this, he/she will not like me.” If we are acting in accordance with our truth then we will always be aligned with the right individuals.

Connection to your highest Self

A great way to move toward living in alignment with the Self [I say “Self” in many blogs, capital S. I mean highest/truest Self, separate from the ego] is avoiding negative self-talk. If we could learn to talk to ourselves the same way we’d speak to a best friend, imagine how our relationships with ourselves would change. The path of yoga allows us to tap into the idea of self-love. When we love ourselves, we are able to share that love with everyone we meet. When we shine our light, we invite others to keep their lights on as well. Becoming our highest selves places the right people and opportunities on our path, allowing us to continue on that journey.

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