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Life-Hack: Gratitude

Discussing how practicing gratitude can dramatically transform your life.

Why Gratitude?

Gratitude is so vital to increasing the potency of our experiences throughout life. When we are grateful, we are less likely to feel negative/upset/disappointed/dissatisfied. Gratitude allows us to remove the junk blocking us from seeing the true value of purely being alive. I invite you to ask yourself how you are practicing gratitude in your daily life. Focusing on what we have, rather than what we don’t have results in this attitude of abundance.

Abundance Mindset

It’s easy to get caught up in scarcity in a society that constantly tells us we need the next new thing to be fulfilled. If we search for fulfillment in material things, we will never feel satisfied. There is always something else to have. The real magic happens when we realize how much abundance naturally lies within us. We have everything we need already within us. It’s just a matter of uncovering it all. Through yoga practice, we are able to return to love, gratitude, abundance, and contentment. We don’t practice to achieve a beautiful yoga pose. We don’t practice to show off our new yoga pants. We practice to harmonize our breath, body, and spirit. We practice to get to know our personal power and inherent wealth.


Taking the time to reflect on what we are grateful for not only benefits our emotions, but allows us to get more out of life. We express more compassion, sleep better, and even strengthen our immune systems when we practice gratitude regularly. Our mental and physical health depends upon gratitude. So much of our energy and time is poured into pursuit of something we don’t yet have. Gratitude is like a reversal of prioritization toward appreciating what we do have.

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