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I began practicing yoga in 2015 and immediately fell in love. Throughout college, I would practice along with YouTube videos in my room, working with what I had on a college budget. Yoga quickly became a necessary component of my life. The way I was able to connect to myself and show up for myself lit something up inside of me that led me to my passion for sharing that same light with you.

Once I graduated from FSU, I began working as a recruiter. Within those early months of working at a desk job, I began to dream up the life I really wanted to be living. There was a deeper desire within me. I craved more fulfillment. I craved purpose. In 2019, I completed my yoga teacher training, becoming a 200-hour RYT.

As fate would have it, I met a new studio owner by practicing next to her in a group class. Boom! My first teaching opportunity was placed right in front of me.

I began teaching once a week while still working at my desk job.

In July of 2020, I was laid off.

A pandemic was in full swing.

But you know what? I never panicked.

My entire life was flipped… right side up, in a way.

Sometimes the universe pushes us out of the places we don’t belong when we won’t do it ourselves.

I now hold an additional certification in Yin Yoga and teach full time. When I look back on my journal, it tells me the story of the life I wanted. The life I now have. I believe that what we focus on becomes our reality.

I am so grateful to be walking this path, and I hope to meet you here on it.

My approach to teaching harmonizes effort and ease on and off the mat. I believe everyone is invited to yoga, no matter your age, background, or goals. I embody an unwavering excitement for the never-ending possibilities in the lifelong yoga practice and am honored to share it.


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