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This mala also features 4 lava stones, which are natural diffusers you can add essential oils to. This combination is both grounding and energizing. Tap into your inner strength! 

Sandalwood & Natural Indian Agate "Inner Strength" Mala Necklace

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  • If you're unable to pickup locally, a small domestic shipping fee will be added.

  • - 8mm Natural Indian Agate, Lava, & Sandalwood beads. The first 18 beads of each side are Agate and Lava. The rest are Sandalwood. The numbers are useful to know if you like to have marker beads when counting breaths/mantras. Lava stone is a natural diffuser. Add your essential oils!

    - 0.8 mm brown nylon thread

    - As I strung each bead, I repeated the mantra, "Inner Strength." This mala necklace is infused with intention and made lovingly by hand. 

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